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Missing Person Investigation Services

Are you looking for a close friend, lover, a person who scammed you, a family member? A person who cheated on you or manipulate you for doing some illegal action that affected you for a long period of time. There could be various reasons when you find yourself a victim and now you want to find that accused. Or you are searching for your close friend or any relative who has been missing for a long time. Either you want to find a person who cheats you or you want to find any missing person investigation a private detective can help you in this situation.

Don’t worry! H.R is a well-reputed missing person investigation agency that has well-trained and skillful detectives who will make the investigation smooth and quick. We provide high-quality Missing Person Investigation Services at affordable rates. We are experienced at tracing missing persons. If you are searching ‘find missing person’ then you are in the right place. We investigate all the details of the missing person and try to figure out the probable location of the lost person. We also find people who have scammed you and are pretending to be lost.

Missing Person Investigation Agency l Find Missing Persons
With a mission to provide reliable and accurate information to the corporate sector, HR INVESTIGATION. was established by HEMANT AGGARWAL in 2010, a dedicated professional detective.

Why Missing Person Investigation is necessary?

The developed and globalized world has brought many different crimes in front of us. Few people deceive us and become underground. Occasionally, our own family member is lost or missed. Tracing the exact location of the person is hard. He/She might have switched off the cellphone. He/She might be in some sort of trouble. We as ‘common’ people cannot find an exact solution to the problem.

And in some cases, the police do not give full dedication to your case. Because they feel that you are giving them some wrong information or they might feel that you want to mislead them. This means they don’t want to waste their time in your story altogether. Because they have more work to do. But still, you want to find them. As well as have any resources that you can use in finding someone.

But, a detective has access to many ‘informative resources’ which we common people don’t have. A detective has easier access to the latest technology and databases. Thus, a detective can gather the information in no time which might take years. Also, tracing the missing person would be just a cakewalk because of the high-quality investigation of a detective.


H. R Investigation makes Missing Person Investigation easier and available to every stratum of society. Plus, we have highly qualified and capable detectives who create a friendly atmosphere for the case and the client. We also have a network of informers all over India.

We investigate the following:

  • Defamation cases and electronic crimes
  • Malicious activities by vendors, competitors, and employees
  • Internal fraud
  • Non-disclosure and misrepresentations of material facts
  • Hidden ownership interests
  • Unjustified personal and business reputation
  • Environmental liabilities
  • Overstated assets and revenues
  • Unrealistic projections
  • Litigation involving the company
  • Financial and operating history
  • Understated or unrecorded judgments, liens, liabilities, and expenses

We seek to get involved early in the design phase so that we can manage

We seek to get involved early in the design phase so that we can manage the project more efficiently, provide effective building solutions, and identify challenges early on to mitigate design changes after construction commencement.

Why Choose H.R Investigation?

High Chances of Success

We have successfully found out many missing people in the last 10 years. We ensure a high success rate in our services.

100% Confidential
We keep all the data of the case related to the missing person confidential and safe. We ensure that this data isn’t leaked/given to any third parties for advertising or other purposes.

Quick and capable
Our chain of detectives and analyzers are capable of providing the best results in stipulated time. We make it quicker than the quickest. We are capable of all types of cases.

* 100% Accuracy*
We are punctual and accurate in our service and gathered information. We assure you that the collected data is highly genuine.

Experience and efficiency
We have an overall experience of 10 years in this field. This experience has helped us to achieve efficiency. It has improved the quality of our work.

# Conclusion

Finding a missing person is a challenging task. But it becomes easier with professional help. H.R Investigation provides you the best service to find a missing person in less time. It is a well-organized organization equipped with all facilities.

A missing person investigation agency can find various evidence and sources that can help you to find anyone in their region. Because they have enough experience in the missing person investigation services. And if you hire our detective service for missing person investigation you would be able to find your person easily. 

But if you think that you can find a missing member of your family or relative then you might be wrong at some place. Because of your lack of knowledge of a particular region or lack of time, there are lots of factors that affect your effect you searching process. However, this could be so easy a task if you hire our highly effective and trained detectives. They have several years of experience in missing person investigation.