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H.R. Investigation / Undercover Operations Services

Undercover Investigation Services

Employee theft, corporate espionage, drugs at the workplace, stalking, litigation, and more plague employers. They not only hurt your company, but they can also put you out of business altogether!

And our clear and reliable evidence can help you to give an exact insight into your employees. In most cases, it is quite normal for an employee to be involved in theft cases or corruption. So our undercover private investigators can find all the information related to any type of corruption so that you can take legal action against him. 

HR INVESTIGATION is here to help. When you need real evidence, call HR INVESTIGATION. As India’s most professional private investigators, we provide covert undercover investigation services to collect evidence that will hold up in court.

We have a proven track record of a successful undercover investigation that got results for our clients. We customize each case so you only get the services you need.

Undercover Operations Services - Undercover Agent Service
With a mission to provide reliable and accurate information to the corporate sector, HR INVESTIGATION. was established by HEMANT AGGARWAL in 2010, a dedicated professional detective.

Why Should You Choose Us?

What makes HR INVESTIGATION the right choice for the job? Besides the internal resources we offer including investigators, electronic surveillance experts, and professional surveillance investigators, we have an extensive number of contacts in every area of undercover operations.

And because we have such a capable ability to find the suspect we can assure you that we are going to be the best choice for you. Once you hire our undercover private investigators you would be quite familiar and satisfied with our incredible services. There are plenty of private investigation agencies in our city but the way of our working method is completely different. 

Because we do not believe only in gathering all information no matter it is relevant or irrelevant. But we support the facts that could make an impact. And our low cost and highly effective services are making a difference as well. But without some intelligent individuals, it is not possible to drive any kind of successful cases. So here is our prior responsibility to give you the best undercover private investigators. who put their best efforts and turn the particular case completely in your favor. 

If your case requires some specialization that we lack or need more of, we can act as your investigation consultants and manage these additional professionals for you. Call us today to discuss what we can do to eliminate your problems.

We investigate the following:

  • Defamation cases and electronic crimes
  • Malicious activities by vendors, competitors, and employees
  • Internal fraud
  • Non-disclosure and misrepresentations of material facts
  • Hidden ownership interests
  • Unjustified personal and business reputation
  • Environmental liabilities
  • Overstated assets and revenues
  • Unrealistic projections
  • Litigation involving the company
  • Financial and operating history
  • Understated or unrecorded judgments, liens, liabilities, and expenses

We seek to get involved early in the design phase so that we can manage

We seek to get involved early in the design phase so that we can manage the project more efficiently, provide effective building solutions, and identify challenges early on to mitigate design changes after construction commencement.

“HR INVESTIGATION” is renowned for uncovering and analyzing data that may adversely affect your business operations. Our expert investigating team comprising of experienced secret agents works closely with the legal counsel and top managers of your company.


We are sure now that you would be understood the importance of genuine undercover support. If you are suffering from these types of cases you can go through such services and make yourself free from all trouble. Because businesses need clarity in their execution and once their motive goes against expectation it could be disastrous. So hiring undercover support can help you to drive your business in a proper flow.

This way, we can easily perform objective third-party inquiries without interfering with the daily Undercover Investigation Services of your organization. Once we gather all the necessary evidence by performing thorough independent investigations, we recommend prudent ways for you to move forward.

We can also prove to be a great help for you if your company is involved in some kind of business alliance, such as distribution arrangement, joint venture, acquisition, or a merger. We can provide you critical, deal-related background information so that you could make an informed decision in the best interest of your company.