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Our Personal Detective Services

H.R Investigation is the best private detective agency providing personal detective services at an affordable price. As a well-experienced and well-reputed personal detective agency in Delhi we make the services available to you at pocket-friendly rates. We collect important data about a particular perspective as instructed by our client. Then, we analyze the information collected by our personal detective investigators in Delhi and provide you a complete insight of the situation.

Pre matrimonial Investigation Services
Pre Matrimonial Investigation

H.R Investigation is a certified detective investigation agency providing ‘Pre-Matrimonial Investigation’ services. Pre-Matrimonial Investigation includes investigation about the family background, life, social character, and other relevant details.

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Post Matrimonial Investigation services in Delhi
Post Matrimonial Investigation

H.R Investigation provides smooth and effective Post-Matrimonial Investigation services. We analyze and gather data from various sources and provide you the best insight of your spouse. We are experienced at Matrimonial Investigation:

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Divorce Cases Investigation Services in Delhi
Divorce Cases Investigations

H. R Investigation is a potent and trustworthy private detective agency providing divorce cases investigation services. We provide the best detective for divorce cases investigation at affordable rates. Divorce Investigation services serve you to present

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Loyalty Test Investigation services l relationship loyalty test
Loyalty Test Investigation

H. R Investigation is a powerful and noteworthy private detective agency providing loyal detective investigation services. We provide top-class loyalty detective investigation. Testing the loyalty of a person becomes very easy with our services.

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Extramarital Affairs investigation services
Extramarital Affairs Investigation

H. R Investigation provides you with Extramarital Affair investigation services. We cater to all the needs of Extramarital Affair investigation at nominal rates. We are experienced and have profound knowledge about private detective services.

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Litigation Support Services
Litigation Support Services

H. R Investigation provides you with litigation support services. We cater to all the needs of litigation consulting services at nominal rates. We are experienced and have profound knowledge about the legal matters. We are litigation support specialist comp

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Undercover Operations Services - Undercover Agent Service
Undercover Operations Services

HR INVESTIGATION is here to help. When you need real evidence, call HR INVESTIGATION. As India’s most professional private investigators, we provide a covert undercover operation and collect evidence that will hold up in court.

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Surveillance Detective & Investigation Services Agency
Surveillance Detectives

H.R.INVESTIGATION has a unique approach towards corporate intelligence and investigations. Our team of good private detectives and investigators

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# Why Personal Detective Services are Important?

The world is evolving at a faster rate. We see a lot of people in our day-to-day lives. Some of them become part of our lives. We don’t know everything about them. Also, we are busy with our professions and trying to adapt to the changing world. Thus, it becomes hard to detect fake people due to their busy schedules. These people take undue advantage of this factor. Thus, personal detective services about them become significant.

We at H.R Investigation are skilled and expert in extracting genuine information about a person. Analyzing it and providing you with a complete graph. It will surely help you to change your approach and enhance your decisions. All personal detective services are meant or build to different social issues and their solutions. If we look at the system of the foreign environment so you would find that a vast majority of peoples use private detective services for resolving their issues. However, personal detective agencies are working in India for a long time but still, they do not get success to spread awareness in society about private detective services.

But now when the internet has been going viral, so plenty of people got aware of this kind of service. You can hire a personal detective agency for various cases. It needs your preference, what types of social issues you’ve been going through. You until you will not make a decision to change something everything remains the same.we have been watching domestic violence and some kind of extramarital affair for long ago.

We have been a victim of various unethical social abuse but never take any action against the victimization. But with the help of detective service, you can get over from intolerant torture. And as well as you can get your rights without any further harassment. Because it is so important to live a happy and blissful life.

But if you are suffering from your partner or any other person or any kind of harassment your life does not give you a chance live tension free life. From the other person’s perspective, you will find that life is so easy or filled with joy. So take your life seriously and go for an enjoyable life so that you can feel immense pleasure throughout your life’s journey. Take a stance against any kind of suspicious activity of your spouse or any kind of domestic violence.  Hire our private detective services now for being entitled to a happy and lovely life. 

# Our Work Process

Initial Stage

We collect basic details about the person or organization from you.

Investigation Stage

Depending on the details provided by you we start gathering the necessary information.

Final Stage

We present our well-analyzed report to you with evidences.

# Some Important Qualities Regarding Our Investigation Services

100% Effective and Genuine

We gather relevant information through our personal detective services. This information is highly-accurate and genuine. It includes information about a persons educational qualification, family background, bas habits, interactions with the society etc. This will be helpful for you to choose the right person!


When our client asks us to investigate about a person, it is only known to us and the client. It is never exposed to anyone for any financial gains. On the other hand, the information collected is also kept confidential. It isn’t sold to third parties.


How likes a agency providing personal investigation services quickly? The answer is everyone. Because, it helps the clients to save up their valuable time. After all time is money. Thus we are always on time.

Well-equipped with Equipments

We know the importance of latest gadgets and skills. That’s why we are always equipped with latest gadgets. It facilitates it providing exact, reliable and correct information in less time. 

Quick but not Incorrect 

Our work process is quite fast and swift. But that doesn’t mean we compromise with the quality of the investigation. We never neglect any small bit of information. We consider all the date and only then we provide you the result!

# Conclusion
Personal detective investigation is very essential in this fast world. An efficient detective agency i.e H.R Investigation can help you in this context. H.R Investigation is private detective agency providing you with high-quality personal investigation services. It is power packed with all the necessary features.