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Extramarital Affairs Giving Rise to Post Marriage Investigation

Extramarital Affairs Giving Rise to Post Marriage Investigation

Marriage is one of the most important decisions and part of one’s life, which affects a person both mentally and physically. This is why a lot of people prefer pre-marriage or sometimes, even the post marriage investigation to make sure they are sharing their life with someone worthy. 

Unlike blood relations, you have the chance to make a choice with your partner. Also, it is different from making friends, in marriages, you extend your family. It’s not just going to affect you but your family. Therefore, it is always wise to make this decision after considering all the points. 

Extramarital affairs 

Extramarital affairs have become a significant issue that is affecting marriages at a huge scale in the present time. With the outgoing lifestyle and options at everything, some people get the idea of having something/someone better, even when they are in a committed relationship.

Also because more and more women of the present are educated and aware of their rights, they do not let anyone treat them less. However, it is not necessary that it is always one gender, any spouse can have an extramarital affair investigation. This increases the rate of divorce because the other partner is independent and has the right to do good for themselves.

This is why it is true that the increasing number of marital affairs in India is leading to increased post marriage investigations. The partners are no longer afraid to get the truth revealed as they have the means to live independently even if the result leads to divorce.

It is slowly becoming the talk of the past to bear with the lies and excuses of your spouse. When a partner comes across the warning signs of extramarital affairs, they do not hesitate to have an investigation. At least, in the cities, people are confronting their partners if they feel that they have been cheated upon.

The Impact of these Affairs

It has been mentioned already that marriages have the power to affect a person both physically and mentally. Similarly, the shock of your partner having an extramarital affair can ruin the mental peace of the partner who got cheated upon. The result of these situations can suddenly turn extreme within a short amount of time.

Sometimes the extramarital affairs and investigation lead to divorces which is also a good thing because staying in a relationship that doesn’t have trust in it is as dead as everything else. However, some failed relationships can break a person mentally which is why having professional help is important. So, if you or someone you know is also suffering from an extra matrimonial affair, make sure it doesn’t end badly for your health.

Result of investigation

The post marriage investigation can help you or the person who has a doubt about their spouse in knowing what kind of extramarital affair their spouse is having. There can be two situations; first, your spouse started having an affair after the marriage, or second, they had it before marriage.

Both kinds can affect you differently and can help you have a more informative result. In case you decide to sue your spouse, you can have the facts at your hand. The two kinds can lead to two different conclusions and result in court. The post marriage affair can be the result of a failed marriage or failed communication between the two. In that case, both the partners become equally liable for the affair to happen in the first place. 

All these things aside, the doubts you take as the warning signs of extramarital affairs can all be false. So, having an extramarital investigation can also save your marriage as well.