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What are Pre Employment Checks in Delhi

What Are Pre Employment Checks in Delhi

Pre employment checks in Delhi are an important part of the recruitment process, enabling you to remove the risk of hiring someone who could be a reason for your business difficulties. References form a main part of pre-employment checks in Delhi but growingly, if you are hiring employees are vetting candidates’ social media presence as well. You can also check the reality of a candidate’s qualifications and work history, carry out health checks, identity, and financial investigation if you feel it’s relevant to the role and your business.

There may also be checks which you should make to comply with the law such as confirming the person has the right to work in the country or, if they’re working with young or vulnerable people, criminal record checks will be important.

Why is it Important to Hire Pre Employment Checks

The importance of Pre-employment investigation helps you to determine whether a candidate is suitable for a particular role and that they possess the required qualifications and skills. They also help you confirm whether as well as the person is physically able to carry out the work and that they are legally allowed to work in Delhi

When Should You Hire Pre-Employment Checks

The investigation normally takes place once you have interviewed candidates though they can be both before or after a job offer and there are pros and cons to both.

Before a job offer  pre-employment checks in Delhi

Before a job pre employment Investigation in Delhi: offer can reduce the time between offering someone the job and their start date because investigations will already have been done. It simply means that if they do throw up anything negative you can simply move look towards the next candidate. However, it can be expensive to examine several potentials in advance and you need to make sure you are legally allowed to do so.

After the job offer pre-employment checks in Delhi

After the job offer pre-employment investigation in Delhi: This is the most common route and means you only have one candidate to vet. However, if it falls through you can have to start the interview procedure from scratch. As well as you have to tell the candidate they have been unsuccessful which can be particularly hard if they have already given notice on their existing employment and could even cause them financial difficulties. 

Using social media to support recruitment

As per the one recruitment company, ninety-six percent of hiring managers now use social media in recruitment and sixty-nine percent have rejected someone as a result of what they have seen. Your likable employee could be a model employee and ideal for the role, but if you find their Twitter feed is full of abusive messages and racist rants you might think both sides about taking them on, mainly if they are in a client or customer-facing role. If you can get such information in just a few clicks, there is every chance your clients can too and this could pure reflect badly on your business.

References – How to Collect and What to Ask While Pre-Employment Investigation in Delhi

References are a great way to Pre Employment Investigation in Delhi. someone is suitable for the role and will fit with your company rules. It’s very tough to know how they will work on a day by day basis from just one interview. They are also nursery to check a person’s CV because in today’s competitive level is very high in the job market you may get some candidates to exaggerate or misrepresent themselves.

Quite normal when you ask for references once you have given a conditional job offer and that offer is subject to references being satisfactory. You can do this either in writing or by phone.

You should ask for:

  • Employment dates and details
  • Main responsibilities
  • Attendance record
  • Any disciplinary actions against them
  • Any reasons why they shouldn’t be employed.


Ask additional questions if you choose to get a fuller picture job offer pre-employment investigation in Delhi 
  • What were their greatest strengths
  • Do they think they are suitable for the role what they have applied for profile
  • Would they rehire the candidate
  • What management style do they work best under
  • Do they have any leadership skills
  • Are there any particular situations in which they have excelled at

Some companies have t&c even though they do not give references and just offer basic employment details while others direct you towards HR but be persistent and see if you can speak to their line employees to get the most useful information.

May I Withdraw a Job Offer After Pre-Employment Checks?

You can withdraw a job offer if your pre-employment investigation reveals something negative so long as you told the candidate about the checks when you made the offer. The employee needs to be made aware any job offer is conditional pending pre-employment Investigation.

Thus You can have someone work for you before all investigations are completed and have them work a trial or probationary period.