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How do affairs start? Types of affairs

An affair can be described as a relationship with someone other than your spouse or partner. Extramarital affairs are the most common in India in recent times. An affair can be to fulfill either sexual or emotional needs. Affairs are generally not long-lasting except in some cases. The affairs happen between two people who are not committed to each other in terms of marriage or partner. 

How do affairs start?

Starting an affair can have many different reasons. However, two reasons play the majority roles in having affairs. First is the compatibility issues in the partners and second is that one of the partners never wanted to start a relationship with his/her current partner. Both of these issues are the reasons for an unhappy relation which is why the partners seek someone else to connect with. Extramarital affairs mostly occur because of these two reasons. However, there can be other instances as well where silly reasons become the starting of an affair. These reasons are often emotionally destructive for the partner who got cheated and thus, are morally wrong.

Types of Common Affairs 

After understanding what an affair is and how does it start, let’s move on to know some of the common types of affairs.

  • Romantic 

Romantic affairs as suggested by the name are the ones which are considered to be the affairs in which hearts are involved. The romantic affair is also referred to as “the affair of hearts”. It is a part of a non-monogamy affair. Most of the time the partners who are forced into a marriage have their love interests and thus, indulge in this type of extramarital affair.

  • Casual

Casual affairs are not as serious as romantic affairs. These are the affairs that are started to fulfill sexual needs mostly and they are not long-lasting. Starting an affair without any commitment is what a casual affair is all about as it is rarely used for emotional stability.

  • Emotional

As mentioned earlier, starting an affair with another person can be to fulfill the emotional needs. There are times when partners hit a rock or they don’t have good communication among them. That is why people seek someone who can understand them and this is how they get into an emotional affair.

  • Cyber

It is quite clear by the term “cyber”, that a cyber affair is an affair that happens over the internet or social media. In this type of affair, usually, the two people involved in the affair never have met or may never do. These affairs start with strangers and the reason most of the time is emotional stability. However, sexual needs can be another variable too.

  • Sanctioned

Sanctioned affairs are mostly seen in extramarital affairs. These affairs happen under the agreement and both the partners are aware of it. It happens in open-relationships or open-marriages and has some rules. Both the partners can have sanctioned affairs at the same time. These affairs include dating, swinging, or polygamy.

So, these are some of the common types of affairs which can be noticed nowadays.