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Husbands Have Extramarital Affairs

Why Do Husbands Have Extramarital Affairs?

Extramarital affairs have become so common in India and most of the time, it is the husband who cheats. This is why it becomes an important question to be answered: “Why do husbands cheat on their wives?” In this article, we have enlisted the top 8 reasons which can help you with this.

Married Early

The first reason in this list for a husband cheating on his wife is that he married early or he thinks that he married early. In India, the concept of marrying right after studying and getting a job is quite common. This doesn’t allow a person to live his/her own life, according to his/her will. Marrying early can lead to a suppressed nature which a person starts to change after getting married. That is why it is one of the major reasons why husbands cheat their wives.

Married under Family Pressure

One of the reasons can be that the husband didn’t marry with his own will. It is common that a lot of people in India get married under the influence of their families. A lot of families still do not consider their choices or are against marrying their kids off with the person of their choice. Therefore, this can lead the person (in this case the husband) to have extramarital affairs. 

The “Ex” Factor

This reason is the most heard reason for a husband cheating on his wife. As the saying goes, first love is the most important love of a man’s life, men usually don’t forget their firsts. So, the reason for a husband to cheat on his wife could be the entry of their ex-girlfriend. With the entry of the ex, the men could lose their sight of right and wrong. They do not give much value to their wife in front of their ex who they loved in the past. However, this is not the case for all men.

Feel the Lesser One in Marriage

Among many of the reasons, one such reason for having extramarital affairs is that the spouse feels less important in marriage. It is common and a lot of people go through this phase in their married life. With women of present days, who are independent, passionate, working, and aspiring, some men might feel low. These men become husbands who feel less important in marriages and thus, start thinking about cheating on their wife. However, with proper conversation and talk, the couple can solve these issues before cheating on each other.

Think Normal is Boring

Some men just do not have a conscience. These men cheat on women just because they feel that their day to day life has become boring. In fact, it is possible that they are not even serious with the other women with whom they are cheating on their wives. They just want to have some fun or in other words, want to spice their life up. That is why it is highly shocking and inconsiderate of such men or spouses in common when their reason to cheat is as trivial as this.

Sexual Tension 

Unlike foreign cultures, we don’t have a culture of live-in relationships. In foreign cultures too, this idea might have come to reduce the number of divorces. Sexual tension or incompatibility is one of the major reasons why men cheat on women. A lot of people find after the marriages that they are not sexually compatible with their partner. With growth and knowledge, people are becoming aware of their likes and dislikes. Therefore, when men become unable to fulfill their sexual desire, they might look out for other partners.

Seek Intellectual Similarity

Intellectual differences can also become the reason that gives rise to cheating spouses. When what a partner conveys is not reciprocated well from the other partner, it is possible that one starts feeling stuck. It can lead to lesser or no communication between the two. In cases like this one, usually, partners do not think of divorce. They look for shortcuts or factors to distract themselves. That is why it can become a reason for a husband to cheat on his wife. HR Investigation is the best private detective agency in Delhi

Married Incompatibility

Last in this list but one of the most common reasons for men to have extramarital affairs can be the incompatibility faced in marriage. It happens when at the levels of priorities and core values the partners do not have common interests. At first, this doesn’t seem like a big issue but slowly it can become a reason enough that drives a marriage to divorce. The husband starts avoiding his marriage and seeks a person who understands his priorities and makes space for them too.

So, the above mentioned were the reasons because of which husbands have extramarital affairs. However, these reasons do not validate the cheating part as it still remains an awful thing to do to your partner.