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Pre matrimonial Investigation Services

Importance of Pre Marriage Investigation

Pre marriage investigation and post marriage investigation might seem like extreme decisions but they are also some of the most important decisions. These investigations can provide you with all the required investigation about you would be partner or spouse.

Why is Pre-Matrimonial Investigation Important?

Marriage is one of the major decisions that a person makes in his/her life. That is why there’s nothing like too sure. Nowadays, people can’t even guarantee the loyalty of their close ones. Therefore, it is important to have a pre-marriage investigation. It is true that people investigate the person they are going to marry, but you can not get every required detail. Only a detective can help you in getting these details. We have enlisted some of the reasons below due to which you must have a pre-marriage investigation.


  • Social Status 

Marriages do not just happen between two people but include two families. So, you need to make sure that the family you are choosing is good and has a good social standing. It is not always about financial status but also behavioral status. A pre matrimonial investigation can help you to get these details thoroughly.

  • Job Profile

A pre marriage investigation can also help you to recheck the details given to you about your would-be-partner. A lot of people hide or manipulate things about their job. Nowadays, income and job details matter a lot in marriages. So, make sure that you are not being manipulated or dragged into a lie.

  • Any Bad Habits

People can have bad habits or addictions as it is very common nowadays. However, they may suppress these things in front of you or hide these details. Therefore, have a pre marriage investigation and see if your would-be-partner has bad habits. This can save you from a bad marriage later on.

  • Temperament

Most of the time in arranged marriages, you only get to meet the person you are supposed to marry, just a few times. It is not enough time to see what kind of person he/she is if they have temperament issues or not. That is why you can take the assistance of a professional detective for a pre marriage investigation and know how the person is behind your back.

  • Finances

In recent times, a lot of people are surviving on credits and loans. You can not tell these things just by looking at a person or asking about him/her from their surroundings. Having a premarital investigation can tell you if your “to-be” partner is also dealing with financial issues or not. 

  • Criminal and Marital History

A pre marriage investigation can reveal if your would-be partner has ever been evolved in any criminal background or not. Also, you must be sure if the person is giving you the facts about their marital status and not hiding important details. These things are hard to look out for when you do an investigation of your partner yourself. A detective can help you with these things like a pro. As it is their job to get you all these details.