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Valentine’s Day

What is the real story of Valentine’s Day? 

The last day of Valentine’s week is known as valentine’s day and gets celebrated on the 14th of February every year. It is a day of love celebrated by those in love, partners, spouses, and most youngsters who want to propose to the person whom they have a love interest in. People love to express their feelings to the person they are attracted to with the hope of spending the rest of their lives with each other. Although the notion of spending entire lives with each other is a bit hypothetical, valentine’s day is a day to be celebrated with fun and in western culture, often demands to have a date on this special day with someone special to be taken to dinners or dances. 

The Origin of Valentine’s Day

Although the day is attached to love and romance, the actual origin of valentine’s day goes back to a dark past of the time in Rome where the women used to get hit by animal hides who were sacrificed. This was done with the belief that the women who got hit would get fertile due to this ritual. Later on, many practices were muddled up with the story of the origin of this day and hence, became what it is in the present day.

Valentine’s Day History

The first valentine’s day is known to have been celebrated in the year 496. The oldest message in English that was written on the occasion of valentine’s day was in the year 1477. Although having a particular day to be celebrated has originated from the Roman festival mentioned above known as Lupercalia. The festival was related to the fertility of the women and was celebrated officially at the starting of springtime.

Saint Valentine’s Day History

Although the day got its name from Saint Valentines, there are several stories regarding him. The famous one is that in the third century AD, he was a priest who was very famous from Rome. The Roman emperor Claudius II was against marriages as he believed that the soldiers would become weak by marrying and hence, he banned the practice of marriage. Saint Valentine was upset with this as he believed in the notion of love. So, he started arranging marriages in secret for people. When the emperor got to know about this he threw Saint Valentine in jail where he fell in love with the daughter of the jailer. He was then killed on the 14th of February and before that, he sent a letter to his beloved signing it “from your Valentine“.

The Story Behind Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day started being celebrated since the Feast in the honor of Saint Valentine was organized by Pope Gelasius during 496 AD. It was to commemorate the martyrdom of Saint Valentine who was killed in 269 AD. In the 14th and 15th centuries, when the courtly love tradition was prospering, this Valentine’s Day got attributed to romantic love. And during the 18th century, in England, those in love gave tokens in the forms of flowers, letters, and other things to convey their sentiments. 

Valentine’s Day in the Modern World

In today’s world, Valentine’s day means the couples would go out on romantic dates, or dances. They will plan the entire day out with the person they love. And it is a matter of fact, which is very sad as well, that the youngsters are not even aware of the history of Valentine’s Day. Love, as mentioned above, is a hypothetical issue, and the promises made to each other on this day of being together forever are often not fulfilled. 

In a nutshell

The roman festival of Lupercalia, which is to be held in mid-February, celebrated the arrival of spring and included ceremonies such as fertility rites and the women were paired off with men by lottery.

Pope Gelasius then marked the end of Lupercalia and replaced it with the feast of Saint Valentine’s Day. Since the 14th century, as the stories suggest, Valentine’s Day has been observed as the day of romance, when the courtly love tradition was at a peak. Valentine’s written cards started becoming a trend back then and during the 18th century, cards were commercially printed for gifting purposes. 

The origin of Valentine’s Day is also associated with the Roman God of love, Cupid, and hearts, symbolizing romantic passions. As the Avian mating season was also thought to be beginning in mid-February, birds were also attached to the symbol of love since then. 

Modern-day Valentine’s

Traditionally, flowers, confectionaries, and red roses are gifted on this day as the stories and the history suggest but the modern world has become more creative with gifting ideas, and hence, enormous kinds of gifts load the market before Valentines’ Day.

So, this was the story behind Valentines’ Day. Although the day is celebrated traditionally in western countries, it has now become famous in the rest of the world as well. In the US, Britain, and Canada, etc., this day is very common and highly preferred to have weddings as well.

Modern-day Values

With modern-day valentine’s, the modern-day values have also been changed. Couples are together one day and apart from the other. It is happening because of the increasing trend of cheating and having an affair outside your committed relationship. That is why we want you to connect with the best private detective agency in Delhi. We are not saying that your partner is cheating on you, we only care for you. We want that your efforts do not go in vain and that your partner must be really deserving of the love you’re showing.