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Why is Rose Day celebrated

The 22nd of every September is celebrated as the World Rose Day in honor of the cancer patients and to provide them strength by spreading a message that they are strong and are capable of fighting the disease to its end.

Apart from that, the Rose Day celebration takes place in the love week that is observed in February every year. The beginning of the love week in February starts with Rose Day which is observed on 7th February each year and is celebrated with so much love and excitement worldwide.

What happens on Rose Day?

The couples in love gift each other red roses on this day. The markets are full of various types of roses before this day and on the rose day as well. Friends and families also give each other roses to participate in the celebration as well as students, teachers, colleagues, and anyone who intends to celebrate the day.

A week dedicated to the love birds!

Although Valentine’s week and Valentine’s Day are now the celebrations of the people who are in love or claim to do so, it is dedicated to St. Valentine who was martyred on the 14th of February in 269 AD and whose Saints’ Day, since the High Middle Ages, is attributed with the ritual of courtly love.

The Rose Day for lovers means displaying their affection through the medium of roses and even proposing the ones they love or feel attracted to. Although there is a separate day entirely dedicated to the sole purpose of proposing in Valentine’s week. 

Rose is a symbol!

A rose represents the symbol of love, affection, tenderness, respect, and gratitude. A single rose is enough to convey a huge message without even uttering the words on valentine’s week. If one is not able to find words to be attached to their feelings, they can always send flowers, and what is better than roses to speak your heart out.

A rose can be gifted to anyone on the rose day. Anyone you love, anyone you’re thankful to for being in your life, anyone who helped you through a tough time, anyone worth respecting, or someone you want to apologize to, this rose conveys the message that you do not want to lose them in any circumstances.

There is a rose for every emotion!

Love does not need a particular day like rose day or a week to be celebrated because when you are with the person you love, time flies and eternity might feel like a moment only. Hence, every single moment with them should be a celebration.

Although Love is the major emotion to which roses are attached, apart from that other colored roses convey different emotions such as pink roses are a symbol of grace, joy, admiration, and gratitude. Orange portrays passion and enthusiasm. The yellow rose is for friendship and the white ones symbolize peace, purity, and innocence.

So, no matter what your relationship with the person is, you can always give a rose to them on valentine rose day!

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Save yourself from putting in efforts into someone who is not loyal to you. We know that it can be tough, but there is always the right person for you out there. So, do couple up with the right person this rose day instead of the wrong one.